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Money & Medals is the newsletter associated with the Money and Medals Network based at the British Museum and in association with the RNS, BNS and a number of key partners. The Network aims to act as an information exchange for museum professionals within the UK whose collections include coins, MONEY & MEDALS medals and other objects relating to monetary and economic history and numismatics. To contribute information or articles to the Newsletter or to subscribe by email please send your name and email address to the editor at or by post to Department of Coins and Medals, British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, fax: 020 7323 8171. Auction and fair details for inclusion in the next edition should be sent to Peter Preston-Morley at


There are many numismatic collections, societies and organisations around the world which maintain informative websites. Useful bibliographical information can also be found. The following links may be of interest. (This page is still under construction.)

Portraits of Famous Numismatists

This is a new resource on Pinterest from François de Callataÿ  (Head of Department at the the Royal Library of Belgium).


Numismatic Societies

Museums with Numismatic collections

Further reading on numismatics and bibliographies


As the compilers say this bibliography is not comprehensive – it is only 12 pages. Works are divided into 15 categories such as ‘Co-operative coinages’ and ‘Coinage in Fiscal and Monetary Systems’.

Not up-to-date (last up-dated 15 July 2005) but a useful list compiled by Oliver D. Hoover.

This will take you to a number of bibliographical tools on Parthian subjects in general, not just numismatics. The bibliographies seem to have been last updated in 2009 – the site owner has been working on the Sylloge of Parthian coins. This lists are searchable.

Complied by Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. In alphabetical order of author.

A specialist, up-to-date, listing in alphabetical order by author, maintained by Vincent West.

Another specialist bibliography, arranged alphabetically by author, compiled by Vincent West. It includes sale catalogues.

A list by category.


Medieval and Modern

Oriental and African

As well as an enormous collection of oriental coins the Zeno website shows and comments on books on the series. This is not a systematic bibliography but lists books which readers might not otherwise be aware of. It is updated by its members.

Tom Mallon-McCorgray’s website has a very useful bibliography on oriental coins in addition to all the illustrations and information on the coins themselves.

This is a list, in alphabetical order by author, of a collector’s (Jim Farr’s) library of books, articles, reviews etc. on oriental and other numismatics. It is extensive (261 pages) and annotated.

Compiled by Francois Thierry. Not up-to-date (dated 14 January 2002).


Covers all fields of numismatics. You can download a pdf of the 2002 to 2007. The Survey is published every five years by the International Numismatic Council in conjunction with the International Numismatic Congress (see link under ‘Organisations’ above for information about the next congress).

covers all fields. It is published by the American Numismatic Society. Nos 144, 145, 146, 147, 148 and 149 are currently available from the ANS website. The issues are searchable by author and subject.

An alphabetical list by title. Can be downloaded as a pdf, html and Word.

You will find here a full and up-to-date listing of the museum’s remarkable collection of auction sale catalogues and fixed price lists.