Honours and Awards

In addition to promoting the further study of numismatics and providing a forum for exchange of ideas and information, the RNS also exists to recognise and acknowledge work done, frequently over many decades and often quietly, in the furtherance of numismatic learning. This includes both research into numismatic topics and work done to make numismatics accessible or to support and develop infrastructure for numismatic study, such as curation of resources and work for this or other numismatic Societies. The Society recognises such invaluable contributions through the award of the Society’s Medal and Honorary Fellowship. In addition, the Royal Numismatic Society presents a number of prizes each year for outstanding work in various fields. Further information about these prizes and their recipients over the years can be found on their respective pages:

The Society is always keen to hear about new and innovative work, and welcomes nominations from members and non-members alike. Nominees do not have to be members of the Society and should include a brief description of the reasons why the nominated candidate should be considered. Nominations should be sent to either:



The Secretary,
The Royal Numismatic Society,
c/o The Department of Coins and Medals,
British Museum,
Great Russell Street,
London WC1B 3DG

N.B. Not all prizes are awarded annually. Information about award cycles can be found on each prize page. Nominations for a specific prize received in a year in which that prize is not due to be awarded will be carried over and considered alongside other nominations in the next issuing year.