One of the key resources maintained and made available by the Royal Numismatic Society is our numismatic library, jointly owned and maintained by the British Numismatic Society. The joint library is housed in the Warburg Institute, London, and houses over 19,000 volumes and periodicals. The library is currently undergoing major changes to improve its accessibility, catalogue its holdings more fully and ensure that all library items are appropriately conserved and protected for future use.

Since June 2018, all the books have been re-catalogued to provide more bibliographical information about each title held. Off-prints are now catalogued. New shelf marks have also been added, which are clearly labelled on the spine of each book – making it easier for you to find items on the shelves. The new catalogue will soon be added to an online academic library website ( This will allow our library collection to be easily searched from the internet at any time.

A searchable spreadsheet of all the books held in the RNS/BNS Library is now available on the BNS website. Please note: It does not include the periodicals or sales catalogues, which still need re-cataloguing

For all queries, please contact:

Key information

  • From the 01 June 2018 the RNS/BNS Numismatic Library has become a reference library and it is no longer possible to remove/borrow books from the library. Members were asked to return all borrowed books to the RNS/BNS Numismatic library by 30 June 2018. If you still have books from the joint library please return these to the Warburg Institute, with a note saying that they are from the RNS/BNS joint library, as soon as possible.
  • The library is a valuable resource for our members. We need some additional volunteers to help keep the library open every Tuesday from noon to 17:00. If you can volunteer one Tuesday afternoon every 6-8 weeks at the library please email

Covid and Re-opening the Library:

As of October, the Warburg plans to return to normal hours. That means that from October the RNS/BNS Library hours will return to Tuesdays noon until 17:00.

There is still a strictly enforced access to the Warburg – where only pre-approved visitors can enter the building with an appointment. Anyone without an appointment will be turned away by Warburg reception.

While the current Warburg policy only allows for 2 people in the RNS/BNS Library room at any one time, I can assign visitors a slot at the library, so while several can visit when the library is open – there are not more than 2 in the room at a time.

Visitors must still request an appointment by contacting me at and wait until their visit is confirmed before accessing the Warburg building.

Visit confirmation and masks are mandatory.

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