The Numismatic Chronicle

The Numismatic Journal, Vol. I, front page (1836-1837), featuring the portrait of J.H. Eckel

The Numismatic Journal, Vol. I, front page (1836-1837), featuring the portrait of J.H. Eckel

The Numismatic Chronicle is the Society’s annual peer-reviewed journal, sent to all Fellows as part of the membership package. Articles embrace the full range of numismatic topics. Articles relevant to several key topic areas can be found indexed on this site for your convenience. N.B. This index is being continually up-dated, so articles in the most recent volumes of the Chronicle may not show up immediately. By area these are (in alphabetical order):



Contributing to The Numismatic Chronicle

The editors welcome articles and short notes on any numismatic topic. Members and non-members are welcome to submit pieces for consideration. For information on contributing to the NC click here.

We request that authors delay for 2 years before publishing their typeset article independently on the web but the Chronicle is fully compliant with current HEFCE guidelines for academic Open Access: authors are welcome to publish a typescript (not the final typeset article) in their university repository (or on or similar) at the point of acceptance.


Ordering previous volumes

Some earlier volumes are still available for purchase from the Society’s distributor Spink and Son Ltd, 69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4ET:

Volumes 1997 to 2009 inclusive: £30 each

Volumes 2010 and 2011: £35 each

Volume 2012 to 2015: £40 each

Postage and packing is not included in the prices quoted above. Fellows are entitled to a 25% discount for single volumes and a 33% discount when buying more than one copy of the same publication volume. When ordering, please make it clear to Spinks that you are a Fellow.


The Numismatic Chronicle on-line

Volumes 1-170 (1836-2010) of The Numismatic Chronicle are now available on Jstor, a digital library of over 1,500 academic journals, books and primary sources. Volumes 1-9 (1836-1869) are available freely to all, while RNS Fellows have free access to volumes 10-170 (1870-2010). Login information has been circulated to Fellows, but if you encounter any difficulties logging in or do not have the information regarding login procedures any longer, please contact Dr Rebecca Darley (

This is the link to The Numismatic Chronicle on JSTOR:

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