The Society’s Council (2021-22)

President: Roger Bland

Vice Presidents: Helen Wang and Martin Allen

Secretaries: Megan Gooch and Henry Flynn

Treasurer: Paul Hill

Librarian: Brad Shepherd

Members of Council: 

Jennifer Adam

Matthew Ball

Simon Glenn

Stanley Ireland

Mafalda Raposo

Clare Rowan

Johanne Porter

Clare Rowan (Numismatic Chronicle to AD 450)
Marcus Phillips (Numismatic Chronicle after AD 450)
Susan Tyler-Smith (Numismatic Chronicle after AD 450)
Simon Glenn (Reviews)

The Council of the Society is composed of eleven members, aside from the seven officers.
Of these eleven there must be a turn-over of at least three a year, in accordance with the bylaws.
If you would like to serve on Council, or nominate others, please email the Secretary by 13th November 2022, in order that the ballot papers can be prepared in time for the AGM on the 16th.

c/o The Department of Coins and Medals,
The British Museum, London WC1B 3DG.
Tel: 020 7323 8541/8322

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