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Special Publication Volumes for Sale via Spink (prices vary per volume):

SP 57: Clare Rowan, Mairi Gkikaki, and Antonio Crisà, Tokens: Culture, Connections, Communities by Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication no. 57. London, 2019. pp. 248; ISBN: 0 901405 35 3. Download

SP 55: Hodge Mehdi Malek, Arab-Sasanian Numismatics and History during the Early Islamic Period in Iran and Iraq: The Johnson Collection of Arab-Sasanian Coins by Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication no. 55, London (2019), in two volumes, 832 pages including 130 plates; ISSN 0080 4487; ISBN 0 901405 94 9. For full Preview click the link:

SP 54: Susan Tyler-Smith The Coinage Reforms (600-603) of Khusru II and the Revoly of Vistahm. Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication no. 54. London (2017), pp. xxiv, 292, 52 plates; also maps, tables and illustrations in text. ISBN 0 901 405 89 2.

SP 53: Tony Goodwin and Rika Gyselen, Arab Byzantine Coins from the Irbid Hoard. Including a New Introduction to the Series and a Study of the Pseudo-Damascus Mint (2015), ix, 297 pp., 51 plates.

SP 52: M. Allen and N. Mayhew (eds.) Money and its Use in Medieval Europe Three Decades On: Essays in Honour of Professor Peter Spufford (2017), 192 pp., joint publication with the British Numismatic Society.

SP 51: Robert Bennett, Local Elites and Local Coinage: Elite Self-Representation on the Provincial Coinage of Asia 31 BC – AD 275 (2014), xxiv, 178 pp., 31 plates.

SP 50: Jacqueline Morineau Humphris and Diana Delbridge, The Coinage of the Opountian Lokrians (2014), vii, 254 pp., 61 plates.

SP 49: Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, M. Elahe Askari, Elizabeth J. Pendleton, with Richard Hodges, Ali-Akbar Safi, Sasanian Coins: A Sylloge of the Sasanian Coins in the National Museum of Iran (Muzeh Melli Iran), Tehran, Vol. 2: Khusrau II – Yazdgard III (2012), x, 501 pp., (i.e. 250 plates illustrating 2948 coins, with descriptions opposite).

SP 48: Michael R. Broome (ed. Vlastimil Novák), A Survey of the Coinage of the Seljuqs of Rum (2011), xvi, 400 pp., 62 plates.

SP 47: Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, M. Elahé Askari, Elizabeth J. Pendleton; with Richard Hodges, Ali-Akbar Safi, Sasanian Coins: A Sylloge of the Sasanian Coins in the National Museum of Iran (Muzeh Melli Iran), Tehran, Vol. 1: Ardashir I – Hormizd IV (2010), x, 102 pp., 102 plates.

SP 46: Roger Bland and Xavier Loriot, Roman and Early Byzantine Gold Coins Found in Britain and Ireland (2010), xxviii, 372 pp., 22 plates.

SP 45: Roger D. Penhallurick (ed. Peter Guest and Nick Wells), Ancient and Early Medieval Coins from Cornwall and Scilly (2009), viii, 312 pp

SP 44: John Casey, with Melih Arslan, Richard Brickstock and Julia Agnew, Sinope : A Catalogue of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins in Sinop Museum (Turkey) and Related Historical and Numismatic Studies (2010), x, 158 pp., 32 plates.

SP 43: Ann Johnston, Greek Imperial Denominations, ca 200-275: A study of the Roman Provincial Bronze Coinages of Asia Minor (2007), x, 294 pp., 26 plates.

SP 42: Jennifer A.W. Warren, The Bronze Coinage of the Achaian Koinon, the Currency of a Federal Ideal (2007), xvi, 212 pp., 39 plates.

SP 41: Wilfred A. Seaby and Stanley A. Ireland, A Catalogue of Ancient Coins in the Cabinet of Sir Rodger Newdigate of Arbury Hall, Warwickshire: A Grand Tour Collection in the Warwickshire Museum (2005), v, 116 pp., 68 plates.

SP 40: Kenneth A. Sheedy, The Archaic and Early Classical Coinages of the Cyclades (2006), viii, 261 pp., 20 plates.

SP 39: Hodge Mehdi Malek, The Dabuyid Ispahbads and Early ‘Abbasid Governors of Tabaristan: History and Numismatics (2004), vii, 185 pp., 37 plates.

SP 38: Yolanda C.S. Courtney, Public House Tokens in England and Wales c.1830-c.1920 (2004), xv, 226 pp., 23 plates.

SP 37: David Hartill, Qing Cash (2003), xiii, 316 pp., 172 plates.

SP 36: Richard Abdy, Ian Leins and Jonathan Williams (eds), Coin Hoards from Roman Britain XI (2002), 233 pp., 10 plates.

SP 35: See ‘Coin Hoards’ volume 9, below.

SP 34: Kevin Butcher, Coinage in Roman Syria : Northern Syria, 64 BC – AD 253 (2004), xii, 534 pp., 32 plates.

SP 30: W. Andrew Oddy and Michael Cowell (eds), Metallurgy in Numismatics, vol. IV (1998), 538 pp., illustrations in text.

SP 26: G.L. Duncan, Coin Circulation in the Balkan and Danubian Provinces, A.D. 294-578 (1993), 208 pp., 5 plates.

SP 20: Anne S. Robertson (ed. Richard Hobbs and Theodore V. Buttrey), An Inventory of Romano-British Coin Hoards (2000), 520 pp.

Coin Hoards Volumes for Sale via Spink (prices vary per volume):

Volume 10, Greek hoards, ed. Oliver D. Hoover, Andrew Meadows and Ute Wartenberg (2010), viii, 281 pp., 67 plates.

Volume 9, Greek hoards, ed. Andrew Meadows and Ute Wartenberg (2002), ix, 308 pp., 66 plates (SP 35)

Volume 8, Greek hoards, ed. Ute Wartenberg, Martin Jessop Price and Kaelyn A. McGregor (1994), xii, 114 pp., 87 plates.

Numismatic Chronicle Volumes for Sale via Spink (prices vary from £5-45) per volume):

Volume 156, 1996

Volume 157, 1997

Volume 160, 2000

Volume 161, 2001

Volume 162, 2002

Volume 163, 2003

Volume 164, 2004

Volume 165, 2005

Volume 166, 2006

Volume 167, 2007

Volume 168, 2008

Volume 169, 2009

Volume 170, 2010

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