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The Numismatic Chronicle is the Society’s annual peer-reviewed journal, sent to all Fellows as part of the membership package. Articles embrace the full range of numismatic topics. Articles relevant to several key topic areas have been indexed for your convenience, in alphabetical order by author.

From 2017 these sections will also include, immediately before the list of relevant articles, a short introduction to the area of numismatics in question, a brief introductory bibliography and a selection of sample articles from the Numismatic Chronicle, which are free to download and share without Jstor login. These sections are intended to help newcomers to numismatics or to a particular region or period of study to orient themselves and get a feel for the scholarship in the area. They are being developed gradually, with new introductions and sample articles announced in our Notices. Please look out for new content, and feel free to use and share the free sample articles, including on personal websites, in teaching and presentations (ideally with a shout out to the RNS!).

This index is being continually up-dated, so articles in the most recent volumes of the Chronicle may not show up immediately. Articles by topic:



Contributing to The Numismatic Chronicle

The editors welcome articles and short notes on any numismatic topic. Members and non-members are welcome to submit pieces for consideration. For information on contributing to the NC click here.