Each year, the Royal Numismatic Society awards research grants from its various support funds.

The PriceLowickKreitmanCNGMarshall and Casey funds all exist to support research and/or practice which deploys the outcomes of research in various areas of numismatics. These are available to Fellows and non-Fellows alike, and the field of numismatics which each fund encompasses is listed on their separate pages. The grants are usually less than £1000, but larger grants will be considered, and the Marion Archibald and the John Casey funds award individual grants of up to £1,500 and £2,500 respectively.

There is one standard Grant Application Form which should be used for all applications for these RNS funds. All fields of this form should be completed and word limits should not be exceeded. Application forms should be submitted in Word format. PDF documents will not be accepted.

Applications should be submitted by midnight GMT on 31st December using the Grant Application Form. The timing of applications will be revised next year. Queries should be directed to Joe Cribb at Please note that applicants are responsible for ensuring that references reach the Society by the closing date. The awards should be announced within two months of the closing date.

Please read each fund description for details about the specific conditions and emphases covered:

As well as the costs of their travel and accommodation, applicants (especially those from outside of the U.K.) are encouraged to apply for an amount not exceeding £50 per day that will cover their daily expenses – e.g., food, local travel. When considering an amount that would be appropriate, please bear in mind that the cost of living varies depending on where you plan to stay; travelling and eating in and around London and parts of the south-east, for instance, can be expensive.


Donations to funds are welcome and those interested in making a donation to the society should in the first instance contact Andrew Brown:

N.B. Donations made via the Subscriptions page of this site will be used to support the general activities of the RNS and will not be assigned to any of the specific funds detailed above.

Other Funds

The following grant funds are distributed in a different manner, some directly by the Council, others through application. Please read each description for details.