Confirmation of New Council for 2018-19

The Royal Numismatic Society “is the UK’s foremost society for numismatics – the study of coins, medals and related currency items.” 

It promotes numismatics by:

  • publishing the Numismatic Chronicle and Special Publications
  • distributing grants for numismatic research and training
  • awarding prizes for publications on numismatics
  • awarding the RNS medal for exceptional contribution to numismatic scholarship
  • awarding Honorary Fellowship for exceptional contribution to numismatics
  • supporting the annual RNS/BNS conference on numismatics
  • providing a regular series of lectures on numismatics
  • encouraging young scholars (student lecture, Lhotka Prize)

All Council Members have specialist expertise and represent different groups of the broader numismatic community. Everyone serving on Council does so on a voluntary basis, and their contribution to the RNS is appreciated.

Following the first meeting of the Society in the academic year 2018/19, the new Council can be confirmed. Further information about the roles and duties of the Council can be found here. The new composition of the Council is as follows:

President: Roger Bland

Vice Presidents: Helen Wang and Martin Allen

Secretaries: Megan Gooch and Henry Flynn

Treasurer: Peter Knapton

Librarian: Brad Shepherd

Members of Council: 

Rebecca Darley

Tristan Hillgarth

Claire Rowan

Matthew Ball

Simon Glenn

Abigail Kenvyn

Richard Morel

Kris Lockyear (Editor, SPs)

Marcus Phillips (Editor NC)

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