Society Lecture, AGM and Summer Party, 18th June

On 18th June at 6pm the Society will hold its Annual General Meeting at Spinks. This will be followed by a lecture, presented by Society President, Dr Roger Bland. Following the lecture, all Society members and attendees are warmly invited to the Society’s summer party.

The President’s lecture will be on the topic:

Problems in Ancient Numismatics I: Die-studies versus coin finds: how to   estimate the size of a coinage

The data from coin hoards and single finds have long been used by numismatists to determine the relative size of coin types within an issue or over a longer period such as an emperor’s reign, while die-studies have been used as a way of quantifying the absolute size of a coinage. This paper will look at the limitations of these two methods and the different types of information that can be obtained from them and an example of using the two methods to quantify the same coinage.

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