New Release: Coinage and History in the Near East 6

New research into Byzantine and Early Islamic coinage in Syria, Palestine and Egypt, plus their archaeological and historical background. Articles on additional themes include Umayyad weight standards, and the significance of die axes for medieval mints. 

Well over 250 coins are illustrated, many of them for the first time. The book is published by Archetype for the Seventh Century Syrian Numismatic Round Table and contains the papers presented at the Round Table conference held in Worcester in April 2019. The Round Table organises informal conferences for numismatists, archaeologists and historians with an interest in Late Antiquity/Early Islam in Syria/Palestine and the surrounding area. 

2020, vi + 221 pp., illustrated throughout. Price £32. ISBN: 978-1-909492-73-8

For further details contact Tony Goodwin:


  1. Anastasius I at Theopolis – Real or Imagined? Steve Mansfield
  2. Using the iconography and inscriptions on Heraclean Dynasty coins to construct an historical narrative of the 7th century Byzantine Empire. Stephen Maxfield
  3. A New Coin Type from the mid-seventh century? Maria Vrij
  4. An Overview of the Phase 1 Byzantine-Arab Coinage. Andrew Oddy
  5. The Lazy S Workshop: Coin Production in Early Arab Syria. Andrew Oddy
  6. A very peculiar group of early Pseudo-Byzantine coins. Tony Goodwin
  7. Greek Monograms and Countermarks in Seventh-Century Syria. David Woods             
  8. What can we learn from ‘Transitional’ coins? Tony Goodwin
  9. Yet again on Justinian II’s gold coinage, ‘Abd al-Malik’s monetary reform, and the ‘War of images’ Federico Montinaro
  10. Die Chains and Die Links with the Mint Name Ḥalab. Ingrid Schulze
  11. The Standing Caliph Coins with the Mint Name Qūrus (قؤرس) A new Die and a new Die Link. Wolfgang Schulze
  12. From Scythopolis to Baysān: A Glimpse at the Coins of The Hebrew University’s Excavations at Beth Shean. Nitzan Amitai-Preiss
  13. The Umayyad Coins excavated during the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project 2012–2016. Ingrid  and Wolfgang Schulze
  14. Coins and Papyri in 6th/7th Century Egypt. Tasha Vorderstrasse
  15. The weight standard of copper coins as a means for understanding the Syrian tradition of the seventh century. Dietrich Schnädelbach
  16. From Ancient to Medieval: The Significance of Fixed Die Axes. Marcus Phillips

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