Call for Papers – Seventh Century Syrian Numismatic Round Table

Conference to be held at Wolfson College, Oxford (or online, depending on circumstances), Sunday 26th and Monday 27th September 2021

The Round Table aims to bring together numismatists, historians and archaeologist with an interest in Late Antiquity/Early Islam in Syria/Palestine and the surrounding area. We hold small informal conferences at roughly two-yearly intervals which usually include at least twelve papers with ample time allowed for discussion. The central focus is on the Syrian Arab-Byzantine coinage, but papers can cover Byzantine or Post-Reform Umayyad coinage, or deal with aspects of the history or archaeology of Syria/Palestine.  We also normally include one or two papers on related topics (e.g. seals, weights etc.) or adjacent localities (e.g. Egypt or the Sasanian Empire). Papers sometimes present completed pieces of research, but more often they deal with ‘work in progress’.

We are of course very conscious of the current problems associated with Covid-19, so we will only hold the conference in Oxford if we are able to do so without the need for social distancing etc., in other words under ‘normal’ or very nearly ‘normal’ conditions. If this is not practicable we aim to hold the event ‘on-line’ at about the same time, but probably spread over a number of sessions. Whatever happens we will publish all papers in a volume of ‘Coinage and History in the Seventh Century Nera East’ as for previous conferences.

If you are interested in presenting a paper (or would just like more information about the conference) please contact Tony Goodwin on Presentations should normally last no more than 40 minutes, but much shorter papers are equally acceptable.  

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