Announcing the publication of an important new work

Coinage in the Orontes Valley of Syria (1st century BC – 3rd century AD), by Jack Nurpetlian

Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication no. 59

This book is a comprehensive study of the coins minted by Apamea, Larissa, Raphanea, Emesa and Laodicea ad Libanum in Syria during the late Hellenistic and Roman periods. It offers a historical overview of the individual cities, followed by in-depth discussions of the production, circulation, metrology and iconography of the coins. The text is supplemented with numerous die studies providing a structural framework of the various issues. A catalogue of 1,367 coins is also provided. Detailed discussions of the coinages and comparisons with contemporaneous issues of neighbouring mints reveal the diverse nature of the coins. The volume bridges the gaps in our understanding of coinage in the Orontes Valley and surrounding regions.
Jack Nurpetlian is a faculty member in the Department of History and Archaeology at the American University of Beirut. His research interests focus on Hellenistic and Roman period coinages of the Syro-Phoenician territories, in addition to investigating coin production and minting techniques with the use of die studies. The author has participated in numerous excavations on the eastern Mediterranean coast and is actively engaged in several multi-national numismatic projects.

Price: £45 (Fellows of the Royal Numismatic Society £30). To order: visit the Spink online store.

Hardback pp. xx + 199, 5 plates. ISBN 0-901405-38-8

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