RNS Prizes 2018: The Parkes Weber Prize

Notifications of Society prizes continue this week with the announcement of the Parkes Weber Prize.

The Parkes Weber Prize was instituted in 1954 through the generosity of the late F. Parkes Weber and is under the administration of the Council of the Society.

It is awarded for an original essay of not more than 5,000 words on any subject relating to coins, medals, medallions, tokens or paper money.

In 2018 the RNS Council decided to award the prize to two new voices in the field, whose original contributions addressed distinct numismatic topics with originality and rigour. They are:

George Green, ‘The relationship between the Romans and their gold coinage A.D. 64−A.D. 200’

Charlotte Mann, ‘The circulation of Festival coins struck for the Eleusinian Mysteries’

The Council congratulates both winners and extends its thanks to the expert readers who assisted the Council in evaluating all entries in the context of their particular period and region of focus. Entries are warmly invited for the Parkes Weber Prize 2019, and information submitting work for consideration can be found here.


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