New Publication: Coinage and History in the Seventh Century Near East 7

This volume contains 15 papers presented to the Seventh century Syrian Numismatic Round Table held at Corpus Christi College Oxford in September 2022. The Round Table was formed over 30 years ago with the aim of bringing together numismatists, archaeologists and historians with an interest in the 7th c. Byzantine and Early Islamic coinages of Greater Syria and the surrounding area. 6 papers deal with Byzantine coinage, 7 with Arab-Byzantine coinage, with single papers on caliphal lead seals, monetary weight standards in Syria after the conquest and the reforms of Abd al-Malik. Almost all of these are based on new research and well over 400 coins are catalogued and illustrated, including a number of previously unpublished varieties.

The book is available from the publishers for £32 or from the editor at  

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