RNS Library temporarily CLOSED from 21st August to 11th September

The Warburg Institute is undergoing a multi-million Pound refurbishment. Works are now starting on the basement where the RNS/BNS Library is housed. Our books are to be moved to a new temporary location on the refurbished 4th floor of the Warburg. From the 11th September 2023, the procedure for entering the Library is as follows:

Reader’s Card

All RNS/BNS members wishing to visit the numismatic library will need to register for a free Warburg Institute Reader’s Card. This can be obtained from the Warburg duty librarian’s desk – they are issued by the Warburg and not by the RNS/BNS.

To get your reader’s card, please bring valid photographic ID (e.g. passport, driving licence, national ID card), proof of address, and be prepared to show a recent (i.e., within a year) copy of the RNS e-newsletter on your phone, laptop computer, or as a printout (please ensure your email address is visible); this will act as proof of Society membership. 

Opening Hours

From 11th September, the numismatic library will be accessible 5 days a week! No longer just Tuesday afternoons. 

During this refurbishment, the Warburg is only open on weekdays. Please check the Warburg Institute website for opening hours and days (https://warburg.sas.ac.uk/library-collections-0/library/opening-times)


During the refurbishment (August 2023 – Spring 2024), the numismatic library will be located on the 4th floor of the Warburg Institute (see floorplan below).

Rare books / Locked section

Until the RNS/BNS Library is moved to its permanent location in the Warburg (Spring 2024), all items in the rare books / locked section of the numismatic library will be inaccessible. This is to keep them safe during the refurbishment; these items will be stored in a secure location. Once the move is complete, our numismatic library will be available to significantly more readers and with vastly extended opening hours: our library will be open to all members of the RNS, the BNS and all Warburg readers – it will be on open shelves rather than in our own locked room.

The RNS/BNS Librarian role remains unchanged.

Finally, I’d like to thank the RNS/BNS Duty Librarians who have given up their time to keep the library open to our members – their commitment and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.

Brad Shepherd

Hon. RNS/BNS Librarian.

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