Money, Methods, Sources: New research in Numismatics and Monetary History (7th-18th centuries)

Saturday, 14th October 2023; Nihon Room, Pembroke College, Cambridge

This one-day seminar, convened to coincide with the retirement of RNS President, Dr Martin Allen, from the Fitzwilliam Museum, brings together experts in numismatics and monetary history for a day of fascinating papers. Speakers will present new research on medieval and early modern money drawing on databases and metal detector finds, metals analysis, coin hoards, and written sources. For further details, please contact Richard Kelleher at To book tickets, click here


Arrival and registration.

10.20. Introduction/welcome (Luke Syson and Richard Kelleher)

Session 1. Chaired by Elina Screen

10.30. Andrew Woods – ‘The Corpus of Early Medieval Coins Finds and English gold shillings’

10.50. Rory Naismith – ‘New Silver in the Seventh Century’

11.10. Jonathan Jarrett – ‘”All That Glitters”: Problems with XRF Analysis of Byzantine Gold Coinage’

11.40. William R. Day Jr – ‘Foreign coins in English shipwreck treasures during the Edwardian period’

Session 2. Chaired by Richard Kelleher

12.00. Barrie Cook – ‘The social context of medieval English hoards’

12.30–14.00 – Lunch break

14.00. Murray Andrews – ‘Medieval and Tudor coin finds from English and Welsh churches’

14.20. Megan Gooch – ‘The Tudor mint and archaeological finds at the Tower’

14.40. Svein Gullbekk – ‘Medieval money and digital currencies’

15.00–15.30 – Coffee break

Session 3. Chaired by D’Maris Coffman

15.30. Chris Briggs – ‘Extortion and the money economy in early fourteenth-century Lincolnshire’

15.50. Tony Moore – ‘The “Allen anomaly”: Using foreign exchange rates to track gold-silver ratios in early fifteenth century Europe’

16.10. Craig Muldrew – ‘The Flow of Coins in the Possession of the attorney John Plumbe of Wavertree Hall in the 1740s’

16.30. Closing remarks (Martin Allen)

This event has been made possible thanks to generous financial support from the British Numismatic Society, the UK Numismatic Trust, CNG Coins, Noonans, and Spink and Son Ltd.

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