RNS Prizes 2018: the Samir Shamma Prize

In the final instalment of Society prizes for 2018, it has been the pleasure of the Council to consider nominations for the Samir Shamma Prize for Islamic Numismatics.

Thanks to the generosity of our late Honorary Fellow Mr Samir Shamma, in 1992 The Royal Numismatic Society awards this prize every two years for the book or article(s) published during the previous three years which in the view of the Council is most useful to students of Islamic numismatics.

This last few years have been rich in numismatic scholarship and publications, and in reflection of this, and the equal merit of both works, the Council has decided that for this prize too, as with the Lhotka and Parkes Weber Prizes for 2018, two winners will split the award for the following works:


Hassan al-Akra, L’histoire de Baalbek à l’époque médiévale d’apres les monnaies (636-1516), Beirut/Damascus (Institut français du Proche-Orient) 2016


Arianna d’Ottone Rambach, ‘La collezione di Vittorio Emanuele III – Monete arabe’, Bollettino di Numismatica 35 (2015)

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